# 11.
trippy trading card
This card just had to be made, and that reminds me!
# 12 .
chris wright painting 1995
An old watercolor from 1995!
# 13 .
Photo not available.
I have decided not to show this card to the public.
# 14 .
don't laugh at your doctor
A graphic from my line of greeting cards.
# 15 .
gold arches drawing
Waxy pencil crayons created this structure of gold.
# 16 .
gallery worthy human landscape with a crowd
This was originally a section of my website then became a card soon after. It's not nice to keep artwork in just one location. To see the corresponding section goto the "The Art Opening" which is located in the games section.
# 17 .
forest for winnie the pooh or whomever
A watercolour from my sketchbook. I was playing with this great set of Albrect Durer watercolor Pencils the landscape collection.
# 18 .
tattoo print limited edition trading card
A detail of the Tattoo print which is available as a limited edition of 75 prints.
# 19 .
remixed drawing trippy party house pencil graphite
A remix of the party house sketch in goache and india ink.
# 20 .
beer commercial artwork by chris wright www.chris.wright.org
'The Beer Commercial" is the title behind this large wall size oil painting.



All images copyright Chris Wright 2001 . for info email chris@wright.org