# 21.
wapred eyes chris wright
This is that moment of flexing eyeballs. Created in oil paint. Original size is 9"x12"on gessoed masonite.
# 22 .
more gifts for the virgin chris wright artist
"More Girts for the Virgin" this is the original poil painting exploring the theme of Madonna giving birth more then once in her magical way.
# 23 .
city tag prose cruise illustration
This is the ultimate tag throwup. It spells Prose Cruise. image aprox 8"x10"
#24 .
weird crazy fish oil painting

Be the fish, the fishermen, the worm or the underwater workers.

Oil paint, painted in a reverse colour seperation technique - a secret from the renaissance.

# 25 .
slid city drawing rendering
It's Slid City, the card! Assemble this image in the games section.
# 26 .
pleasant picture painting
A landscape with shapes and pictures throughout the clouds.The original is on an envelope.
# 27 .
A doodle on the front of another envelope.
# 28 .
beached on fish chris wright www.chris.wright.org
I like this picture! I'm going to make it into a larger painting sometime soon. This version is drawn on the front of an envelope.
# 29 .
swim with fish drawing
More envelope work. What fun to draw and colour water.
# 30 .
running the bulls aliens fish drawing illustration
In this picture, alien style monsters are herded and run like bulls in spain. Also on an envelope.



All images copyright Chris Wright 2001 . for info email chris@wright.org