The quantities are super small perhaps only 4 complete sets if that. They're all prototypes and special requests have caused me to make that many. The originals are 1440x1440 dpi and printed with a six colour process on Kodak photo stock. Amazing resolution! The original file size of the images is aprox 35 megs each but they have been reduced down for your web browsing pleasure and sit at about 31k on your screen, thats about %1 the original resolution, so just printing these versions out will not get you a set, not like the originals anyway!

For a full set ALL 60 CARDS, each card individually encased in plastic - $120

individual cards encased in plastic $3

# 1.
wine label design by chris wright artist
The first card in the set (which contains over 60 cards!) This image was a design rough for a wine label. A sweet blush. created with inks and prismacolor pigments.
# 2 .
alien renaissance painting
The Alien Renaisance. A classic painted with some gouache and some brushes. Shouldn't there be more Aliens in renaisance. 1998
# 3 .
stained glass psychedelic artwork
A patterned trippy city. Goache and pen. Perfect for the next loud wave of wallpapers and couch designs.
# 4 .
babies floating around painting
Created with Gouache paint this contains over 400 illustrated babies. Notice the "Head Loose" sign in the background.
# 5 .
city scape craziness
Ball point pen and gouache - 1996 - A page from my sketchbook. Stacked buildings and stairways leading up to screwed on town blocks.
# 6 .
sketchbook page from chris wright
Ball point pen and goache - 1997 - A page from my sketchbook. The highlight in this sketch is the stairway that leads to the fire-pole and back to ground level. A combination of floating, twisting and rerouting is accompaning these buildings.
# 7 .
chris wright red building classic
A chris Wright classic. This drawing could be used on a sitcom much the same way as the Cosmic Cow was used (whatever show that was from). Classy trippy clouds with the negative (blue sky) and positive (clouds) space fighting and switching back and forth.Goache paint
# 8 .
clouds from alien location watercolor
Sitting on the roof at my last apartment. 18 stories up, painting the clouds. Althougth the picture is different, just by being up there the atmosphere is just captured. Along the bottom I added an industrial style alien city.Goache paint
# 9 .
ufo's playing in the sky painting watercolour chris wright
Created with a glass pen some inks, gouache and sable brushes. An alien Landscape.
# 10 .
chris wright artist painter
A sculpted dessert doodle in goache paint. Several people are milling about in this picture of many rock coloured hiding spots.


All images copyright Chris Wright 2001 . for info email