# 31.
St. Louis style city by chris wright
My Philly style cityscape, mostly ballpoint and drawn on an envelope.
# 32 .
a chris wright classic , taped city
Roadways and cars behaving like an eight track. This was inspired by watching the faces on the morning crowds (one per car) driving through rush hour and to work, a rat race of sorts.
# 33 .
party house original by chris wright

The party house.

Acrylic - 7"x 9"

#34 .
human landscape crazy madness chris wright
Piles of people. A human Landscape. Done with inks and marker.
# 35 .
angel knotted painting acrylic
There are faces hidden in the lawn within this picture. Acrylic 12" x 16" .
# 36 .
huge detail painting trading card
A giant highly detailed castle top. The original is hanging in the London Regional Gallery (what a classic). Acrylic aprox 36" x 12"
# 37 .
spray paint self portrait chris wright
Playing with spray paint in my friend's backyard- a self portrait. The catch was I had to put it partially behind a tree but in the winter the tree is quite bare! I suggest everyone should turn their backyard into a gallery. Spray is such a fun medium, I painted this in less then 20 minutes (and in the dark) - try to get that speed with a brush.
# 38 .
spray paint sex
More spray paint on a rooftop backyard. Great fun!
# 39 .
all your base are belong to us
A look towards the UFO convention.
# 40 .
drawing by a master chris wright
Bodies pulling through the giant halo. graphite



All images copyright Chris Wright 2001 . for info email chris@wright.org