# 41.
Chris Wright with cute girls
100% Computer graphics. Christopher and four ladies.
# 42 .
paramedic artwork ambulance construction scene disaster

A picture created for my cousin the paramedic.

aprox 9x11 in gouache (on some nice Arches paper)

# 43 .
alien city landscape
An oil painting on paper filled with scratchy penwork.
# 44 .
spiral city by Christopher Wright
How do you describe this one? Sort of a tiny cartoon Bebel deal with roads that turn into walls.
# 45 .
A Gold frame with yellow spiral road and warpy landscape
Golden Arches warping the landscape. The original is acrylic and fun to look at. It is a tad stretched tall here to fit better on the card.
# 46 .
Chris Wright artist in 1920's scene with ladies
A large painting 3 foot by 5 of me in my long haired days acting disinterested in the compliments these 1920's style ladies are offering me. I like to pretend that I don't like this painting so when people try to convince me of it's quality, I've created the painting again in person. Acting.
# 47 .
great shadows on the moon and this exposed woman
A small acrylic 7x9 with lots of shadows and the Baby Fractal (that should be trade marked). Notice the tiny bodies marching by the giant nude woman.
# 48 .
trying to show up m.c. escher with my infractionist style

I am in the process of creating an oil version of this! I was trying to show up M.C. Escher with this one (I know, he does those brilliant patterns too)

This a watercolor, I will update the card with the better image.

# 49 .
television madness by chris wright
I'm really proud of this one. It is very fancy. Look at the way the tv stand behaves. Gouache. This little picture does not do it justice - look for a limited edition print of this one in the future.
# 50 .
babies and fish in oil by chris wright
Babies floating by the lady with the big serpent. Rich oil paint style (reverse colour seperation technique).


All images copyright Chris Wright 2001 . for info email chris@wright.org